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This 4 week weight loss program includes step by step instructions on losing weight, incorporating intermittent fasting and Marco tracking. It includes recipes grocery and fat burning smoothies to make you feel great throughout your day.

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About Author

My name is Dante Harper. I’ve been in the fitness Industry for over 15 years and I have trained thousands of people ! Weather it’s group, personal or virtual training my experience with people and exercises and has helped many people reach their fitness goals. It teach based on where your at not where you want to be so you can learn valuable traits to hold onto forever. The Core values I incorporate with all of my clients and routine are 3 things. Change, Connection, Community.
We are all looking for a change in our lives, life’s demanded are forever changing so we make sure to incorporate a atmosphere that is always changing and challenging you to get stronger. Connection without connecting to what your doing it will never stick. It’s important you have a clear why so that when your process get challenging you continue to have the motivation to push forward. Community, it’s going to take people like minded or searching for something similar to help you push through. Creating a sense of community to practice and express the process your going through is always refreshing as well creating positive opportunities to share something that brought you joy. My name is Dante harper and this is my why.


Core values.

1. Change, Flex makes it a point to change the routine every 4-6 weeks as to give members adequate amount of time to learn new movements see new results, and build new defined strength. Like everything the body gets used to certain movements so a key factor for our program is in fact our constant changing programs. We even change the equipment and gym set up to always keep it new.

2. Connection, At flex connecting with our clients is a key to why we are successful. We asses our clients prior to starting the class know their names injuries, range of motion and Luther factors to guarantee they do not get hurt and always have opportunity to progress in our classes. We’re very meticulous when it comes to training each of our clients especially in a group setting this attribute allows the service to seem very personal as well in group setting.

3. Community– In the end our passion is helping people build stronger, happier and healthier lives, we believe we are important assets in our community it is our responsibility to continue growing this community so not only ourselves but people everywhere can have a safe space to nurture their own growth. Flex and it’s community has been a teacher a healer and a source of nourishments when times have gotten tough. Everybody deserves to flex

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